Make make everyday 'Clean Up Australia' Day

This Clean Up Australia Day, as we roll up our sleeves to rejuvenate our beloved environment, it's time to think beyond the usual. It's time to talk about revolutionising our tech habits with Circular's subscription model - where sustainability meets technology.

Make make everyday 'Clean Up Australia' Day

Since its inception in 1990, Clean Up Australia Day [held on 3 March 2024] has become a movement, a rallying cry for Aussies to take ownership of our environment's health. In 2024, as we face the mounting challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, this day resonates with a renewed urgency. It's not just about picking up litter; it's about rethinking our lifestyles and the impact they have on our planet.

First up...get involved on 3 March and importantly make some everyday changes

  1. Participate in local clean-ups: Join community clean-up or organize your own. Every piece of litter removed makes a difference. Register for Clean Up Australia Day here.
  2. Advocate for sustainable practices: Use this day to educate others about the importance of sustainability and how small changes can make a big impact.
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Commit to these three Rs not just on Clean Up Australia Day, but as a continual lifestyle choice. Find some inspiration in our Top 5 blog post here.
  4. Support eco-friendly initiatives: Whether it's tree planting or beach clean-ups, get involved in or donate to environmental projects [here's a helpful list of charities to consider] .

The tech connection: your choices matter

While we focus on cleaning up our parks, rivers, and beaches, let’s not forget the tech debris that's becoming a part of our natural landscape. The traditional cycle of buying, using, and disposing of tech gadgets is a burden on our planet.

E-waste is one of Australia's fastest-growing waste categories. The National Waste Report 2020 revealed that Australians generate approximately 539,000 tonnes of e-waste annually, with a minimal percentage being recycled.

Circular is pioneering the shift from owning to subscribing; where you can access to the latest gadgets without the guilt of contributing to e-waste. The subscription model ensures that when you're done with a device, it's refurbished and rehomed, reducing waste and conserving resources.

As we come together to clean up Australia, remember that every small action counts. By changing the way we consume technology, we can make a big impact on the health of our planet. So let's clean up, green up, and gear up.